Industry Applications

High Performance Racing


We have customers making high performance racingexhaust forINDYandNASCAR. They use the HORN pipe bender to form extremely tight radius bends on Inconel and stainless steel alloys. The HORN CNC pipe bender and Semi-automatic tube bender are used. Read more about tube bending for automotive & racing applicationshere.

Department of Defense

HMT has built many machines for U.S. Department of Defense applications. From forward support to OEM benders, we can assist you with the right pipe bending machines and tooling for the job. Our company also provides assistance with ongoing pipe bender training and maintenance needs.


HMTpipe benders are built heavy duty and well suited to the applications and the challenging specifications associated with the ship yard industry.We understand the process and would like to assist your team with developing a world class shipyard pipe shop. Read more about tube benders for shipyard applicationshere.


HMT customers use our CNC pipe bender to form a variety of parts foraircraftandaerospace. These applications require tight radius thin wall alloy tube bending. Read more specifics on aircraft & helicopter tube bending applicationshere.

Auto Aftermarket

角数控tube bender is used for many different types of automotive aftermarket exhaust applicationsfromheaderstotail pipes. Our customers demand high quality bends with large production throughout for these tube bending applications. Read more about CNC tube bending machines for automotive applicationshere.

Auto Accessories

We have customers who make automotive accessories such asgrill guards,roll barsandstep bars. Our customers use many types of materials in these applications, including polished stainless, mild steel and aluminum alloys. The HORN CNC pipe bender with a range of model sizes and configurations is perfectly suited for this application.

Severe Duty Trucks

One of our customers is a leader in thesevere duty truckmarket. They buildmilitary vehicles,fire trucks,snow plowsandcement mixers. The HORN CNC tube bender is used for cab frames, hydraulic lines and all other types of tube handles, mirror brackets etc.

Exhaust Applications

We have customers who specialize in after market排气系统for diesel trucks. They bend 3.5″ to 5″ aluminized steel and stainlessexhaust pipes. The heavy duty design of the HORN CNC tube bender is perfectly suited for this purpose.

Play Structures

We supply several of the largestplayground equipmentcompanies with tube benders. They make a variety of products fromplay structurestobike rackson their HORN CNC pipe bender.

Gym Equipment

HMT有几个顾客commercial gym equipment.Tread mills,stair steppers,weight machinesandexercise bikesall have bent tubing formed on a HORN tube bender.

Motorcycle Parts

Horn Machine Tools has supplied CNC tube benders for makingmotorcycle parts,handle bars,exhaust,custom frames,seat restsandhighway barsare a few of the products made with a HORN tube bender.Horn Machine Tools, Inc. has the experience and knowledge combined with exact machine and tooling combination you need for almost any tube bending application. We offer the following machines and services:
Horn USAmade heavy duty CNC and semi-automatic tube benders
Horn Metricseries tube benders with excellent performance and value
Multi-Systemstube measuring machines for non contact tube measuring
Horn Rebuildsand retro fits – Any tube bender model ½” to 10″ capacityComplete turn-key packages with bender, tooling, start-up and training


HMT customers in the construction equipment industryhave enjoyed the flexibility and adaptability of HMT bending systems. We have supplied machines for bending cab structures in round, square and rectangle as well as custom profile shapes. Some of these applications require both draw and roll form bending in one setup.