Aerospace Tube Bending

Aerospace_Tube_bending Aerospace cnc tube bender

HMT Benders for Aerospace Alloys

* Titanium * Inconel * Stainless * Aluminum

HMT builds precision tube benders that form complex shapes on thin wall alloy tubing used in the aerospace tube bending industry. We can supply a highly sophisticated All Electric CNC Tube bender or a more value price hybrid CNC Tube bender solution. Some of our customers also utilize hydraulic single axis machines which have been upgraded by HMT.


All Electric CNC Tube Benders for Aerospace Tube Bending

  • HMT机器适合航空达成ications because the are so heavy duty.

  • All Electric servo driven for precise control of tooling dies.

  • Highly rigid tooling guiding used for precision bending of difficult alloys found in the aerospace tube bending industry.

  • Precision linear bearing guided pressure die with electric servo following. This causes the pressure die to follow the speed of the bend die automatically. The operator can also advance or retard the pressure die movement, by a percentage, directly from the control system.

  • Our precision clamp and pressure die drive systems deliver the exact force needed for aerospace tube bending.

  • Retractable wiper die base with electric servo actuation which moves the wiper out of the way so the carriage can advance closer to the bend die. This results in material savings on costly alloy tubes used in aerospace tube bending. The precise electric servo system insures correct and repeatable position of the wiper die.

  • Electric servo mandrel with guided linear bearings. This removes the load from the mandrel rod. Our precise electric servo driven system produces extract positioning of the mandrel and power to extract the mandrel early. The unit also allows the mandrel rod to spin freely to avoid losing rotation orientation in the collet on tight fitting mandrels.

  • Programmable force settings for precision control during thin wall alloy bending.

All Electric CNC multi-axis or single axis models available


Hybrid Electric CNC Tube Benders for Aerospace Tube Bending

The Horn Metric series is also a good choice for bending smaller aerospace tubes because the machines are easy to use and set-up. They can provide the same results as many other machines at less investment cost.

  • Electric servo driven bend arm for precise angle control.

  • Hydraulic tooling actuation for clamp, pressure die and mandrel.

  • Electric servo driven carriage with boost

  • Programmable force settings for precision control during thin wall alloy bending.

  • BendPro CNC controls for complex shape bending

  • Value priced solution for a highly capable aerospace tube bending machine


Single Axis Hydraulic tube benders for Aerospace applications

HMT can provide customers with new or a re-manufactured and upgraded tube bender capable of bending very difficult aerospace applications. Our machines can be optimally equipped with the following features:

  • New BendPro control configured for single axis bending

  • All new hydraulic upgrade with independent pumps for various features

  • New HMT aerospace type wiper die holder

  • Long stroke mandrel extractor

  • Dual overhead tie bars

  • Partial clamp close for exact positioning of tube

  • Hot bending package for using heated dies

  • Remote operated PDA speed control

  • Heavy Duty slides, linkages and pins

  • Direct acting pressure die with independent pump